The foundation of the SIS-CC

Why collaborate?

  • Co-producing and co-developing

    state-of-the-art Statistical Information Systems by leveraging on community capacities.

  • Provide a platform

    for Open Data projects as identified as a priority for major member countries.

  • Innovation at an optimal cost in a minimal time

     with all members benefiting from each other in terms of ideas and methods.

  • Sharing of experiences,

    knowledge and best practices through multilateral collaboration and building of a collective capacity.

  • Implementing standards

    (SDMX) for data sharing across organisations in order to improve data accessibility and quality, and reduce costs.

Product Innovation Cycle

For the past decade the Community (SIS-CC) has been continuously investing in development of the .Stat product under a community model. Creating an environment that can adapt easily to change, demonstrates innovation, mutualises costs, and delivers on a common strategy.

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