.Stat Suite

An SDMX based modular platform covering the complete end-to-end data lifecycle (GSBPM) from collection through to dissemination, enabling with little effort the assembly of the different building blocks to build tailored data portals, topical or regional data explorers, or lightweight reporting platforms, in a fluid and agile manner.
.Stat Suite

The members

of the Statistical Information System Collaboration Community (SIS-CC)


of the Statistical Information System Collaboration Community (SIS-CC)

More open and innovative

The SIS-CC vision is to provide an international collaboration framework for a more open, innovative and industrialised data dissemination, to collectively develop software, leverage innovations, mutualise costs, and promote standardisation.

The SIS-CC software development framework is driven by 4 key principles:


following international standards CSPA, SDMX, GSIM, GSBPM.

Full data lifecycle

support from collection, processing, through to dissemination.

Community driven

by the SIS-CC:a strong, well-established community continually investing in open innovation.


enabling to be used by a wider set of users for free.

Community values

Community values
The Community members share the same set of core values that guide all future joint activities
  • Partnership: The Community philosophy is based on one of collaboration rather than a customer/client commercial relationship; all members participate in the Community decision process through agreed processes.
  • Transparency: Information will be openly and transparently shared among Community members according to community processes; the Community governance framework will ensure fair and equal access to information by all members.
  • Commitment: The Community members will commit to respecting the coordinated work plans put in place, as individual organisation’s plans become dependent on the outputs.
  • Industrialisation: The Community outputs will be developed according to best practices in terms of application lifecycle management.
  • Standards: The Community will commit to foster and promote internationally defined standards, such as SDMX, GSBPM, GSIM, and CSPA.

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