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Flight planner

Flight planner

This flight planner allows travellers [implementers] getting a better understanding of the foreseen flight stops [availability of features] and their approximate timing according to the current fuel level [resource capacity] and Community priorities, and so to plan their own flight boarding [deployment strategy] as best as possible.

Flight Planner

Information about the .Stat Suite releases can be found in the changelog page.

Our scheduled backlog represents our short-term delivery strategy for the upcoming evolutions of the .Stat Suite products. In this board view, each milestone will be an attempt to produce a .NET/SQL or a JavaScript release. The tickets in each milestone can be subject to change of order or delay. You can view the ongoing work (milestone(s) in progress) in the Kanban boards.

The full list of recorded feature requests and feature enhancements can be found in the prioritized wish list.

Milestones board

The Milestones board view displays the in-progress milestones for each .NET and JavaScripts releases: https://gitlab.com/groups/sis-cc/.stat-suite/-/boards/7061159