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.Stat DLM configuration

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For the tenant and data space definitions please see here.

Data space names

Define the name of an internal or external data space displayed to the end-user in the DLM UI, regardless the datasourceIds.

  • in dotstatsuite-config-data/<env>/configs/tenants.json
    "spaces": {
      "staging:SIS-CC-stable": {
        "label": "SIS-CC stable"

Data space colors

Define the font color and background color for each internal and external data space. The colors defined are applied in all options, features and representations of the data spaces (e.g. in the selectors and list of results, upload and transfer features, etc.)

  • in dotstatsuite-config-data/<env>/configs/tenants.json under a DLM scope
    where "color" refers to the font color of the name, and "backgroundColor" refers to the background colored area.
    "scopes": {
      "dlm": {
        "type": "dlm",
        "label": "dlm"
        "spaces": [
            "id": "staging:SIS-CC-stable",
            "color": "#0549ab",
            "backgroundColor": "#b7def6",
            "label": "staging:SIS-CC-stable"

data space color

Data space InsertNewItems parameter

Released in March 29, 2020 Release .Stat Suite .NET 3.3.0

The InsertNewItems parameter located in the app.config of the NSI web service allows to update final or non-final SDMX artefacts (of ItemScheme types, e.g. codelist) without changing the version of it.
When the parameter is set to:

      value: "true"

Then it is possible for instance to add a new code in a codelist without modifying its Agency/ID/Version.

List of SDMX artefact types

Define the types of SDMX structural artefacts selectable in the DLM ‘Filter by type’ selector (see functional specs). Only artefacts of those types can be displayed in the DLM user interface.

  • in dotstatsuite-config-data/<env>/configs/<tenant>/data-lifecycle-manager/settings.json
  "sdmx": {
    "typeIds": [

Upload size limit

Define the file size limitation when uploading data or strutures files using the DLM user interface.
Provided in number of bites, the upload file size limit is usually set to 30MB by default (like in the example below).

  • in dotstatsuite-config-data/<env>/configs/<tenant>/data-lifecycle-manager/settings.json
"uploadSizeLimit": 30000000

Note that this configuration parameter only concerns the JavaScript front-end part of the DLM application, and another limitation parameter is set for the .Stat CORE services for the submitted files. More information to be found here.