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This page is a guide on how to customise and interact with some of the .Stat Data Lifecycle Manager look and feel and layout features.
These customisations can be performed by Administrators with access to the .Stat DLM installation files, but they should all be driven by business decisions.


When editing the configuration .json file(s) of the .Stat Suite applications, the default encoding on your server/system could potentially be different than UTF-8, e.g. UTF-8-BOM.
BOM being an issue to handle in web client rendering, whenever editing your config. files, make sure that this is always managed in the right UTF-8 encoding format, in order to avoid introducing extra invisible BOM characters to your file.

Deprecation: since November 30, 2020 Release .Stat Suite JS 6.1.0, the configuration for setting up the name of the application ("title": "OECD Data Lifecycle Manager") is moved to its natural behavior in the localisation management, enabling to translate it by any supported language of the application UI.

Define your website name and logo.

  • in dotstatsuite-config-data/<env>/configs/<organisation>/data-lifecyle-manager/settings.json
  "app": {
    "favicon": "/assets/siscc/data-lifecycle-manager/images/favicon.ico"

Common site logos

Define the common logos in the header and footer of the website.

  • in dotstatsuite-config-data/<env>/configs/<organisation>/data-lifecyle-manager/settings.json
  "assets": {
    "logo": "/assets/siscc/data-lifecycle-manager/images/logo.png",
    "icon": "/assets/siscc/data-lifecycle-manager/images/sis-cc-icon.png"
  • logo:

Site logo header

  • footer:

Site logo footer