.Stat Suite documentation

Report an issue

New issue

If you want to report an issue for any of the .Stat Suite applications or services, then you need to open a new issue in Gitlab sis-cc/.stat-suite/issues.
You can first try to find out if your issue (a bug, a new feature or a feature enhancement) has already been recorded.

Any new issue needs to be created in a specific .Stat Suite project. The list being quite long, if you don’t know to which specific service, tool or application to refer to, then go for the simplest, e.g. dotstatsuite-data-explorer, dotstatsuite-data-lifecycle-manager or dotstatsuite-core-common.

There are two types of issues you can create: decide whether you want to report a bug, or whether you want to suggest a change (a new feature or an improvement of an existing behavior).
For each type, when creating the new issue, be specific in the title, and we will add the related gitlab label: bug or feature.

If you want to fix a bug yourself, then please refer to the Development guidelines.

Writing a good issue

When reporting a bug:

  • Describe what went wrong, what is the expected behavior and if relevant, what caused the problem;
  • If it is not obvious, then list the steps to follow for someone else to reproduce the bug;
  • Screenshots are often very useful to understand the problem;
  • In some cases (server-side errors, API queries, etc.), F12 console details or logs are extremely helpful.

When suggesting a feature:

  • Describe what you would expect to see as a user of the related application (e.g. “as a .Stat Data Explorer user, I want to be able to…”);
  • The full behavior and acceptance criteria will help understand the meaning of the feature;
  • Give a clear description of the purpose of the feature, what is the outcome and added-value for the user.