.Stat Suite documentation

Installation using Docker Compose

The prerequities of installing .Stat Suite with Docker Compose is to install Docker and Docker Compose.
See the following references for addition information about these installations:

As a first stage of documentation, we are providing here links to .Stat Suite Docker-Compose example files.

Installing .Stat Suite by using Docker Compose files eases the deployments for development environments, or tests, pilots and demos. This can also serve the setup of Production environments as a starting point, but for this purpose you will also need to complement with scaling, archiving, etc.

Docker Compose for .NET services
Example files and instructions: https://gitlab.com/sis-cc/.stat-suite/dotstatsuite-docker-compose/tree/master/dotnet
Related services/applications:

  • Transfer service
  • Authorization service
  • NSI webservice
  • Keycloak

Docker Compose for JS services
Example files and instructions: https://gitlab.com/sis-cc/.stat-suite/dotstatsuite-docker-compose/tree/master/js
Related services/applications:

  • Data Explorer
  • Data Lifecycle Manager