.Stat Suite documentation

Installation based on a ready-to-use service package

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The three .Stat Suite main modules Data Explorer, .Stat Core and Data Lifecycle Manager [to come] are containerised and packaged as fully-functional, ready-to-use services using Kubernetes technology, which can be freely re-used by anyone in its own cloud or premises.

The kubernetes cluster definitions are located in the following repositories:

Please see each repository for detailed information on how to use these.

Our DevOps chain is also using these kubernetes cluster definitions, see the following running apps/services in our qa/staging environments:

The kubernetes cluster definitions implement a “multi-tenant architecture” that allows for sharing the kubernetes cluster between different tenants (organisations, projects, domains, portals, etc.)

Multi-tenant architecture

Examples of tenants defined in our DevOps (qa/staging) environments

tenant specs url
oecd own sdmx oecd qa endpoint, siscc design http://de-qa-oecd.redpelicans.com/

technical overview

graph LR id1(browser) id2((internet)) id3[proxy] id4((data-explorer)) id12((share-viewer)) id5[search] id6[share] id7[config] id8[solr] id9(mongo) id10(redis) id11((x)) id13[sdmx/nsi] id14[transfer] id15(mssql) id1 --> id2 id2 --> id3 subgraph oecd cluster on GCP id3 -->|app & organisation & scope| id11 id3 -->|assets| id7 id11 --> id4 id11 --> id5 id11 --> id6 id11 --> id12 id4 --> id7 id5 --> id7 id5 --> id8 id5 --> id9 id6 --> id7 id6 --> id10 id12 --> id7 end id2 --> id13 id2 --> id14 subgraph oecd cluster on GCP id13 --> id15 id14 --> id15 end

Demo of adding/updating a tenant

  1. update list of tenants: https://gitlab.com/sis-cc/.stat-suite/dotstatsuite-config/blob/develop/data/dev/configs/tenants.json
  2. add tenant config (data-explorer & sdmx): https://gitlab.com/sis-cc/.stat-suite/dotstatsuite-config/tree/develop/data/dev/configs
  3. add tenant referenced assets (data-explorer): https://gitlab.com/sis-cc/.stat-suite/dotstatsuite-config/tree/develop/data/dev/assets
  4. check the tenant at https://de-qa.siscc.org/?tenant= tenant (Note: this feature does currently not work, see: )
  5. update something in the configuration and check the update

Demo of adding/updating an app for the tenant

(see sis-cc workshop hands-on)

  1. fork from webapp
  2. inject pre-coded app (to create)
  3. declare it somewhere
  4. check the app at http://<app+env+organisation+scope>.<domain>
  5. update the app
  6. check the app at http://<app+env+organisation+scope>.<domain>