.Stat Suite documentation

Mono-tenant installation of .Stat DE as Windows services

Table of Content


git bash

  • https://gitforwindows.org/
  • during installation:
    • use git and optional unix tools from the command prompt
    • checkout as-is, commit as-is
    • enable symbolic links
  • check:
    • open git bash
    • run git --version v2.23.0 and above

nodejs & npm

java v8 (for solr)


hint: folders should not contain user specific

  • open git bash
  • run cd && cd /c && mkdir dotstatsuitejs && cd dotstatsuitejs && mkdir pm2 nssm redis solr config search share explorer viewer && ll


hint: use to have solr as a windows service

  • download nssm: https://nssm.cc/download at version 2.24
  • unzip in dotstasuitejs/nssm
    • result: dotstasuitejs/nssm/nssm-2.24


  • download solr 7.x: https://lucene.apache.org/solr/downloads.html
  • unzip it in dotstasuitejs/solr
    • result: dotstasuitejs/solr/solr-7.7.2
  • open git bash
  • go to dotstasuitejs/nssm/nssm-2.24/win64
  • run ./nssm.exe install solr772
  • in the nssm window:
    • set path as dotstasuitejs/solr/solr-7.7.2/bin/solr
    • set as arguments start -f -p 8983
    • click on install service
  • close git bash
  • start the service from services
  • go in chrome to http://localhost:8983

Create a solr core

hint: use powershell to avoid apache cli error

  • open powershell
  • go to dotstasuitejs\solr\solr-7.7.2\bin
  • run .\solr create -c sdmx-facet-search -p 8983
  • check in chrome to http://localhost:8983/solr/#/sdmx-facet-search/core-overview


hint: the msi setup redis as a windows service


hint: pm2 is a tool that monitors nodejs services
pm2-service-install makes it run as a windows service

  • open git bash
  • run npm i -g pm2 pm2-windows-service
  • run pm2-service-install -n dotstatsuitejs
    • ? Perform environment setup (recommended)? Yes
    • ? Set PM2_HOME? Yes
    • ? PM2_HOME value: c:\dotstatsuitejs\pm2
    • ? Set PM2_SERVICE_SCRIPTS (the list of start-up scripts for pm2)? No
    • ? Set PM2_SERVICE_PM2_DIR? Yes
    • ? Set PM2_SERVICE_PM2_DIR C:\Users\Nico\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\pm2\index.js (push enter)
  • close git bash


hint: you need a token in order to script the artefacts download

  • download artefact and pm2 scripts https://gitlab.com/sis-cc/dotstatsuite-documentation/tree/master/dotstatsuitejs
  • move the both files into dotstatsuitejs
  • in dotstatsuitejs folder
  • open git bash
  • run ./dotstatsuitejs_artefacts.sh YOUR_TOKEN download and unzip artefacts from gitlab (develop branch) / [How create a Token] (https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/profile/personal_access_tokens.html)
  • get assets and configs from and put it in dotstatsuitejs/config
  • run ./dotstatsuitejs_pm2.sh start services, save pm2 dump and delete all services
  • in windows services, start dotstatsuitejs
  • checks:
    • config: http://localhost:5007/healthcheck
    • share: http://localhost:3006/healthcheck (redis OK)
    • search: http://localhost:3007/healthcheck (redis OK, solr OK)
    • explorer: http://localhost:3009
    • viewer: http://localhost:3005 (no id)


hint: default api-key value is secret

  • get config: curl -X GET http://localhost:3007/admin/config?api-key=secret
  • index dataflows: curl -X POST http://localhost:3007/admin/dataflows?api-key=secret
  • get report: curl -X GET http://localhost:3007/admin/report?api-key=secret
  • delete dataflows and config: curl -X DELETE http://localhost:3007/admin/config?api-key=secret