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.Stat RESTful Web Service Cheat Sheet

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This cheat sheet is a quick reference description of the syntax and parameters for the .Stat RESTful API. It is adapted from the cheat sheet for the full SDMX RESTful API with examples added for the .Stat context and the unsupported elements removed.
You can also download this document as a .docx file.

API Restful

Structural metadata queries

API Restful

Each a .Stat space has a different web service entry point which should- replace http[s]://.Stat space WS/resource in the above syntax.
More options are available in the full SDMX REST API standard but are not present or have not been fully tested in the .Stat web service, and do not appear here.

API Restful

Examples of structural metadata queries

These examples use an entry point of http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/ This may be swapped out for your target space.

Use case Example querystring
All data structures, all versions http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/datastructure/all/all/all
A data structure and its references http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/datastructure/OECD.CFE/DSD_TOURISM_TRIPS/5.0?references=all
Full Dataflow with complete concept schemes, codelists, categorisations and constraints http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/dataflow/OECD.CFE/DF_DOMESTIC_TOURISM/5.0?references=all
Full Dataflow with partial concept schemes, codelists, categorisations and content constraints containing only allowed and/or actually used items http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/dataflow/OECD.CFE/DF_DOMESTIC_TOURISM/5.0?references=all&detail=referencepartial
Latest versions of all Codelists http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/codelist/all/all/latest
Latest versions of all codelists returned as stubs http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/codelist/all/all/latest?detail=allstubs
A Concept Scheme http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/conceptscheme/OECD.CFE/CS_TOURISM/latest
All category schemes (there is usually one), latest version http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/categoryscheme/all/all/latest
All agency schemes http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/agencyscheme/all/all/all

Note that with the detail=referencepartial query parameter, the server automatically applies the allowed content constraint on the codelists (and other ItemSchemes) and returns only partial (and thus shorter) codelists.
Using the query with the references=all, references=constraint, or references=actualconstraint parameter (with or without the detail=referencepartial parameter) returns a content constraint of type actual within the response if data was already uploaded. If such a content constraint is not returned by a .Stat Suite SDMX web service, then data was not yet uploaded or the underlying dataflow has not yetr been initialised.

Data queries

API Restful

Each a .Stat space has a different web service entry point which should replace https://ws-entry-point in the above syntax.

API Restful

Examples of data queries

These examples use an entry point of http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com. This may be swapped out for your target space.

Use case Example querystring
All data for a Dataflow, time series view http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/data/OECD.CFE,DF_DOMESTIC_TOURISM,5.0
All data for a partial key (Total Visitors measure), time series view http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/data/OECD.CFE,DF_DOMESTIC_TOURISM,5.0/..TOTAL_VISITORS........
All data for a partial key (Argentina, Total Visitors measure, Annual frequency), time series view http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/data/OECD.CFE,DF_DOMESTIC_TOURISM,5.0/AR..TOTAL_VISITORS........A
Annual data for period 2010-2020 in a flat view http://nsi-staging-oecd.redpelicans.com/rest/data/OECD.CFE,DF_DOMESTIC_TOURISM,5.0/.........A?startPeriod=2010&endPeriod=2020&dimensionAtObservation=AllDimensions

API Restful

Supported formats

“Parameter” in the tables below is used with the Accept HTTP header (see the Useful HTTP headers above)**

API Restful