.Stat Suite documentation

Viewing data

The following sections describe the behaviors and functionalities of previewing data, in what we call the Data Explorer visualisation page.
In addition to the common header and footer of the Data Explorer (Documentation), the visualisation page is composed of:

  • a Filters area on the left side that is dynamically related to the data preview;
  • a central Data Preview area for table and chart representations;
  • a Toolbar above the data preview area with generic and contextual options;
  • a Back to the search results option.

Note that the Back to the search results option is only available when the user is coming from a previous search result (see this section of the documentation), and clicking on it brings the user back to any previous state of the search results. Back to the search results is not visible when opening a data preview from a shared URL, because in this case there will be no historical search results to go back to.

Also note that every modification made on the selections in the visualisations pages, using the filters, or when switching the view from table to charts, is “stored” in the URL webpage. Therefore, using the Going Back option of the web browser interface allows to roll back to any previous state and user’s action/selection.

Viewing data