.Stat Suite documentation

Copy data

When the user wants to make a copy of data of a dataflow from one space to another for the same dataflow (same Agency/Id/Version), then the user selects the option “transfer data” from the hamburger menu of the corresponding dataflow:

copy data

This action opens a popup window allowing to select the destination space.
The popup proposes two action buttons:

  • “Transfer” launching the transfer with the current option
  • “Cancel” cancelling the action.

copy data

Partial data transfer

There is an option called “Partial data query” in the popup window allowing the user to customise the data copy request with SDMX query parameters.
When selected, it shows an editable SDMX query field.
At first usage or whenever the user completely empties the field, a default example of a query is displayed: all/?startPeriod=2013endPeriod=2018.

When several dataflows are selected from the list as inputs for transfer, then the partial data query option is not available.

copy data