.Stat Suite documentation

Delete data structures

With the DLM, data structures can be deleted separately for each structure object (artifact), e.g. a particular Dataflow, Codelist or Data Structure Definition, using the contextual ‘delete structure’ menu:

DLM delete structures

Data structures can also be deleted directly through the SDMX (NSI) web service API, using the DELETE HTTP verb with the appropriate resource URL. Example of deleting a Codelist:

curl -X DELETE http://nsi-stable-siscc.redpelicans.com/rest/codelist/OECD/COUNTRY/1.0.0

Important: Artifacts have to be deleted one by one, and in the appropriate order according to their dependency tree. E.g. in order to delete a Dataflow, first any possible Content Constraint that references this Dataflow must be deleted. Before deleting a Codelist, any Data Structure Definitions referencing it must also be deleted.

Current limitation:
When a Data Structure Definition (DSD) is deleted using the SDMX (NSI) web service, then the related database objects for the storage of observations are not currently automatically deleted.

The storage of related observations can be manually cleaned up by calling the Transfer service /cleanup/dsd method with the appropriate parameters.

Future outlook:
It is also planed to enhance the DLM, so that the deletion of a Data Structure Definition in the DLM will automatically call this method and make the cleanup of the storage of the related observations. Approximate delivery: 2020
In the further future, it is planed to automatically trigger the cleanup directly from the SDMX (NSI) web service call (service-bus feature). Approximate delivery: 2021