.Stat Suite documentation

Log in the DLM

Log in

The DLM requires and automatically invites users to log in because the DLM is not accessible in anonymous mode. Thus, when launching the DLM in a web browser, the user is automatically redirected to the authentication page in order to choose the identiy provider and to enter the username and password.

DLM Login

Once logged in, the DLM header displays the user’s name, next to the user icon. When clicking on the name, a dropdown feature displays the user email address, and the option to log out.

DLM Logout

Log out

Released in February 28, 2020 Release .Stat Suite JS 4.0.0

When clicking on “Log out”, the user is logged out from .Stat DLM and redirected again to the authentication page. The logout feature allows thus changing the user credentials in case a user has different accounts with different roles.


User identities, third-party identity providers and account registrations are managed autonomously by the organisations. For information about the authentication setup, check the .Stat authentication configuration. .Stat Suite applications are using Keycloak as the default authentication service. Keycloak can be configured to act as a simple proxy to third-party identity providers such as ADFS.