.Stat Suite documentation

Preview data

It is possible to preview the structure and data of a dataflow using the Data Explorer’s table and chart representations. For that, the eye icon in the list of dataflows opens the dataflow preview in a new tab of the browser.

DLM preview

Note that if related observations have not yet been uploaded, then the preview will only display the filled dimension filters but no data table or chart.

Please refer to the full functional specifications of the data table and chart views in the Viewing data section of the documentation.

Data availability

When called from the DLM, the DE shows an additional filter for Data availability, which is (through the inbuilt addition of the dataAvailability=on URL parameter) by default switched ‘On’.

When this filter is switched ‘On’ then the dimension filters only show:

  • values for which data exist or
  • hierarchical parent values for which their children values have data.

This will apply the data availability information on the other dimension filters, as is done in the DE by default when the dataAvailability URL parameter is not used. For that, the DE takes the currently valid Actual Content Constraint of the dataflow, if available, into account.

DLM preview data avaibility on

By switching the “Data availability” to ‘Off’, or by setting the dataAvailability=offparameter in the URL, data availability information is not applied. All valid dimension values will be shown in this case.

DLM preview data avaibility off

When the user switches the filter check box, the dataAvailability URL parameter automatically updates accordingly.