.Stat Suite documentation

Upload data or referential metadata

Version history:
Data supported in SDMX-CSV version 2.0 file format, and including combined actions since September 22, 2022 Release .Stat Suite .NET ‘blueberry’
Referential metadata upload introduced in DLM in February 21, 2022 Release .Stat Suite JS 12.1.0

Data or referential metadata can be uploaded by using the main menu feature “Upload data & referential metadata” available from the top banner of the DLM.


The DLM upload supports the following general types of file formats:

The main additional upload features are:

The supported types of data are: [To be complemented.] For uploading longer attribute values (>150 characters) see here.

At the end of all data uploads the actual content constraints of all dataflows of the underlying data structure are auto-(re-)generated. For more information see here.