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Copy data structures

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The user can transfer (make a copy of) a given data structure artefact from one source (dataspace or external source) to another (except external source), by using the ‘Transfer’ icon (double arrows) transfer artefact icon.

The combination of the data structure artefact type and its triple identifier (ID, Agency ID and Version) must be unique within a dataspace. If there already exists a data structure artefact with the same combination, then the transfer (copy) will fail.

Transfer artefact menu

  1. When the user selects Transfer artefact in the hambuger menu associated to a specific data structure artefact, he is given the choice between two options:
  • Make a copy of only the selected artefact (without referenced structures)
  • Make a copy of the selected data structure artefact AND all its associated referenced data structures (with referenced structures)

dlm copy data structures 2

  1. Once the option with or without referenced structures is selected, a second sub-menu (as shown above) will request the user to choose for a destination space to copy the data structure artefact.
    Note that the copy can only be performed in a different dataspace (the source space is only displayed in this feature as a reminder of the source).

  2. After having selected the destination space, the copy is launched.

Transfer process and notifications

  1. When the copy of the data structure artefact is performing, a spinner with a copied artefact icon copied artefact icon followed by the Updating message will appear on the screen.

dlm copy data structures 3b

  1. Once the transfer process is complete,for successful transfer, two visual notifications are displayed:
  • The ‘Transfer’ icon in green color is displayed next to the hambuger menu related to the source data structure artefact;
  • The new copy of the data structure artefact is also displayed below the source data structure artefact in the list; the ‘copied artefact’ icon is displayed next to the hamburger menu.

dlm copy data structures 4

If the transfer process ends with warning or unsuccessful, then the ‘Transfer’ icon is displayed:

  • Orange for warnings,
  • Red for unsuccessful transfer.
  1. A mouse over on the colored ‘Transfer’ icon will provide details over the outcome of the transfer action(s):
  • with referenced structures and a successful copy

dlm copy data structures 3

  • without referenced structures and a successful copy

dlm copy data structures 5

  • transfer with already existing destination artefact, thus unsuccessful copy

dlm copy data structures 6

  • transfer with some already existing destination artefacts, thus warning notification mentioningthat some artefacts were created while some were already available.

dlm copy data structures 7