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List related data structures

Version history:
Enhanced with clickable artefacts in September 15, 2022 Release .Stat Suite JS radio
Released in January 21, 2021 Release .Stat Suite JS 7.0.0

To visualise and discover the dependencies between data structure artefacts, e.g. which Dataflows reference a particular Data Structure Definition, or which Codelists are being used by that Data Structure Definition, the contextual ‘List related structures’ menu can be used:

DLM list related structures

Mechanism to retrieve close structural artefact dependencies

Recursively starting from the selected artefact, the DLM finds and lists in a DLM dependency tree all the related artefacts of the current artefact using the query syntax: http://sdmx-service-root/[ArtefactType]/[Agency]/[Id]/[Version]?references=all, e.g. a query for a dataflow would return also the related codelists, conceptschemes, DSD and contentconstraints.

  1. If the DLM dependency tree contains any other artefacts than the original one (because there are related artefacts) then the DLM verifies if those are being referenced by artefacts that are not in the list (through executing the query http://sdmx-service-root/[ArtefactType]/[Agency]/[Id]/[Version]?references=parents for each of those), e.g. the original DSD referenced codelist might also be referenced by another DSD.
  2. if any under (a) analysed artefacts is being referenced by non-listed artefacts, and this analysed artefact is at a lower DLM-tree-level than the original artefact (means “is referencing” the original artefact), then the DLM adds these yet non-listed artefacts to the list (at the appropriate level) and recursively re-executes the query http://sdmx-service-root/[ArtefactType]/[Agency]/[Id]/[Version]?references=parents on all newly added artefacts to find and add also all its DLM-tree lower-level artefacts until all the lowest reachable DLM-tree-leaves have been added to the list.

Display of dependency tree

The DLM displays in a popup all the listed artefacts using a tree control with vertical scroll, showing the artefact type, name, ID, version, “finality” and agency (using the standard DLM styles):

DLM list related structures

The current selected artefact is displayed in bold, and when clicking on any artefact, it opens a new tab/window displaying the content of the artefact, the same way it is currently done for the artefacts’ list on the homepage overview.

The popup can be closed using the window close cross icon.

Note: When the Metadata annotation type is defined in a data structure definition while the metadata structure definition is not available in the space, the DLM list related structures displays a warning next to the metadata strutcutre definition . (see more about attachment of the metadata structure definition here).

DLM list related structures