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Textual attribute values length

Released in January 28, 2020 Release .Stat Suite .NET v2.3.0

To allow uploading attribute values with longer textual attribute values specify the required maximum length in the SDMX annotation of type MAXTEXTATTRIBUTELENGTH in the Dataflow Structure Definition (DSD). By default, the maximum length (in characters) for textual attribute values is set to the number defined in the MaxTextAttributeLength configuration parameter of the Transfer service, which is 150 in the out-of-the-box installation. The generic MaxTextAttributeLength configuration parameter and the DSD-specific MAXTEXTATTRIBUTELENGTH annotation accept any numbers equal or greater than zero. There is no maximum value for this setting. A value of zero 0 or any value higher than 4000 means that the textual attribute values are practically unlimited (up to 536,870,912 characters).

NOTE: Once a limit has been extended, it cannot be decreased again.

Use the following syntax when defining the annotation in the DSD:

  <structure:DataStructure id="SPS_ATT_TEST_TFWithNoRelationship_DSD" agencyID="OECD" version="11.1" isFinal="false">  
                 <common:Name xml:lang="en">Attribute test dsd scenario with TIME_FORMAT attribute relationship on dimensions ETA and SESSO</common:Name>  

After uploading a DSD structure with the annotation MAXTEXTATTRIBUTELENGTH, the user is notified about the application of this new value through the usual email report that is generated at the next data upload action:

Example of mail with annotation MAXTEXTATTRIBUTELENGTH