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Textual attribute values length

Released in January 28, 2020 Release .Stat Suite .NET v2.3.0

You can specify an annotation at the Dataflow Structure Definition (DSD) level, to allow uploading data with long textual attribute values.
By default, the maximum length for textual attribute values is set to 150. In order to extend this limit, you need to define a SDMX annotation of type MAXTEXTATTRIBUTELENGTH with a value greater to 150 in the DSD.

NOTE: Once the limit has been extended, it cannot be decreased.


Use the following syntax when defining the annotation in the DSD definition:

  <structure:DataStructure id="SPS_ATT_TEST_TFWithNoRelationship_DSD" agencyID="OECD" version="11.1" isFinal="false">  
                 <common:Name xml:lang="en">Attribute test dsd scenario with TIME_FORMAT attribute relationship on dimensions ETA and SESSO</common:Name>  


At first data upload, the default MaxTextAttributeLength configuration parameter (provided when installing the Transfer service) is used if the annotation MAXTEXTATTRIBUTELENGTH is not provided.
Whenever a DSD-specific MaxTextAttributeLength parameter is increased after a first data upload, then the new length parameter is applied.
When uploading the DSD structure with the annotation MAXTEXTATTRIBUTELENGTH in its definition, the end-user is also notified, through the usual email report, that the new parameter has been taken into account:

Example of mail with annotation MAXTEXTATTRIBUTELENGTH